How much do you remember about being five years old?

Do you remember the unfathomable joy or the endless energy that comes with being five? For Eila Mae's Milestone Mini session, we wanted to make sure we captured all those feelings and moments that she can look back on by capturing her current favorite things. 

We started the session by picking some beautiful flowers and dandelions, of course! Eila Mae then showed me how she was learning to swing and pump all by herself. We, of course, finished off our swinging with some supermans. Then, of course, she proceeded to try to run me down in her CRAZY COOP! Look at that smile! Oh, the joys of being five. 

Next, we had the most epic dance party! You should see her cartwheels. That ended with us rolling around in the grass for a little, watching the clouds. What shape do you think she saw in the clouds?

Lastly, Eila Mae showed me how she could ride her bike WITHOUT her training wheels. And, of course, we finished the shoot with a celebratory Whits ice cream cone! It's been a long time since I felt the freedom to get chocolate all over my face and clothes. Being five looks soooo good on Eila Mae!

 Happy Birthday, Girly!