As much as I love capturing your families memories in the amplified beauty of nature, I have been completely wrapped up in in-home sessions lately. In home sessions are creative, intimate, and tend to show your true authentic selves. Here are a few reasons to opt for an at home session.

Celebrate a new home

Did you recently move, or have you just bought your first house? An in-home session is the perfect way to document this occasion! Make sure to get pictures inside and out. A family picture in front of your home can be a special way to remember this part of your journey.

To make your children more comfortable

Lets be honest, kids are unpredictable. One day they can be outgoing, and talkative, the next, they are shy and hiding behind your leg. Sometimes, just being familiar with one part of the photo experience can be enough for them to relax and enjoy it.

To include your pets

Just like kids, pets will be more comfortable in a familiar space. Including your fur-babies in a photo session can be important, but hard if they aren't an outdoor pet.

if you have a newborn

When you get home after giving birth, you are most likely exhausted. The last thing you want to think about is getting ready and going anywhere. An in-home session allows you to not have to go anywhere, it creates less stress. No need to worry if you forgot anything.

To highlight a specific room

Is there a certain spot in your house that you love. What a better way to remember it by, then by capturing int in a photograph. Commemorate your newborn by capturing there first moments in there nursery.

Tips to make your home ready

  • Out of sight out of mind (hide your clutter)
  • Pick a few spots for photos near natural light (window are the key!)
  • Get creative (have fun with it!)