When deciding to include your pets in your next photoshoot, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Consider your Location

Will your fur-baby be comfortable at your chosen location? Does your pet like to travel? If so, than a new location might be a good idea! Its important to keep your pet on a leash regardless of aesthetic (this can be edited out later).

This couple's cat likes to go on hikes with them, so this worked out perfectly. They even brought a cat backpack to keep him in when he wasn't in photos!

Staying at home

Most likely your pet is MOST comfortable in their own home. If you have an anxious pup or a cat that you would like to include in your next photo session, then maybe you want to consider an in-home session. An in-home session is great for pet, as you do not have to keep them leashed in the home. Its also really good for cats, as many pet cats are indoor cats.

Go to a Park

Make sure to first check to make sure pets are allowed at your park of choice. Once there let your pooch (or pet) smell around, use the bathroom and get comfortable this the space. I like to choice a location that usually isn't super populated, this will help your pet to concentrate on listening.

Where does your pet belong

Consider where your pet truly belongs. Do you own farm animals? Its probably easier and less stressful to just stay on the farm! Is your pet already fenced in? Then take off their lead and let them free, just be sure to have some treats to lure them back.

What is the purpose of the shoot

Its always good to consider the purpose of your photo-session. Are you planning a photoshoot focused around JUST your pet? Or are you do you have an announcement you would like to include your fur-baby in.

Front and center

Do you have a star of a pet? Do you love professional photos of your fur baby? This is when you set up a session around your pet. For this kind of session it is important to set expectations right. Animals have short attention spans, and it is important they are too energetic.

announcement/ short feature

I love including pets in special announcements! I think having your pets in a few of your photos, it makes them all the more special. Making sure to have treats in you pocket and only focusing on them for a little bit of your session is the perfect way to blend them in.

Helpful suggestions

  • Bring treats (great for focus, and rewards)
  • Bring water (often when pets get over excited they get thirsty)
  • Bring a friend (its always great to have someone to wrangle your fur-baby as we switch focuses)
  • Keep it short
  • Get them groomed