A little bit more about Maddie

Hey Y'all, my name is Maddie, a photographer based in Columbus, Ohio. Photography has been a passion of mine for over five years now. Ever since I was a little kid, stories, books, movies, and the emotions that they capture, have had a significant impact on me. As a creative kid, I strived to create, highlight, and emphasize these feelings and memories, for me and others. I soon realized that photography was MY way of conveying those emotions and feelings. 

I, like many photographers, began my photography career as a hobby. Starting in high school, I started taking pictures of my friends and family, capturing all that I could. I would bring my camera EVERYWHERE

Once I began to see the impact of capturing other people's memories and stories, I KNEW I had to continue doing this. It became my LOVE, my PASSION

Well, that's a bit about how I got into photography, but how about a bit of background on ME, who I am, what I like…

I grew up in a HUGE family; I am one of six kids. So, to say that family is important to me is kind of an understatement…. 

I LOVE littles! Kids are the BEST. Being the middle child, I was ALWAYS watching someone's kids, not to mention being a nanny, a preschool teacher, and a in-hospital newborn photographer! 

My family was BIG on adventures, so you'll likely catch me outside, going on walks, hiking, the beach, or the mountains. Travel pictures are so much fun! 

However, I'm also all about relaxing! If you've heard about the Enneagram (if you haven't, go look it up, I love it), I am a Type 9. That means that I am the PEACEKEEPER. Typically we Nines love to CHILL. So get me a bowl of ice cream and turn on a Netflix show (or classic Disney movie); I will be content for HOURS