Whats more fun than getting to know the photographer for your next project!

1. I grew up in a wonderfully big family!

I am the middle child of six children. My younger brothers were adopted from Guatemala when I was nine. I cherish our memories of running around our yard barefoot, chasing each other with water guns, and playing Narnia in the woods. I have four brothers and only one sister (can you say best friend for life?). As we grow up, my family just keeps expanding. I can't wait for it to continue to grow. 

2. I am a nine on the enneagram personality test

Ever heard of the Enneagram? You should 100% look it up! "The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that describes patterns in how people interpret the world and manage their emotions." I am a Nine on the scale, the Peacekeeper. We are also known as the chameleon because we often go with the flow and focus on others' feelings, sometimes adapting to them. I love being a Nine; it helps me see the world through others' eyes. My husband, on the other hand, is a two! He is a helper. We make a great team. 

3. I Got married during covid

My now husband and I got engaged in 2019, right before the lockdown started. We made plans to get married in March of 2021 (apparently, our date was the actual first anniversary of the lockdown!). I must admit, it was pretty stressful to plan a wedding during the height of the pandemic. However, it gave me the heart to work with other brides, making their day run smoothly and stress-free! 

4. I like to travel

My family always liked to take trips when I was a kid. We even had a camper. My parents instilled in me a love for traveling and exploring from a young age. My family travels to the Outer Banks yearly; it is like my second home. I have also traveled through Spain and Guatemala. 

5. I received my first camera when i was 13

When I was thirteen, I asked my parents for a small digital camera. I and that maroon point-and-shoot were inseparable. I would take pictures of anything and everything. Friends and family soon told me I had an eye for photography. Soon I got a DSLR camera and started taking pictures of friends and family. I have always had a fascination with capturing images. And from thirteen, I knew what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. 

6. I absolutely love disney

I grew up on Disney! I love all the storytelling and whimsy of it all. I remember going to Disney World with my family and being immersed in the fairytale. I knew that I wanted my storytelling to be just as immersive. Peter Pan was my favorite Disney character growing up. I love that he didn't have to grow up and could play pretend as long as he wanted to. 

7. I am a hufflepuff

For all the Harry Potter nerds out there like my sister, and sister-in-law, I am a Hufflepuff. When I was younger, I wished I was a Gryffindor, but the more I think about it, the more the yellow house suits me. It is funny if you look back at the enneagram test, it points me to a Hufflepuff as well. I am LOYAL! 

8. I got my bfa in photography

I graduated in May of 2020, that's right, Covid graduate! I received my Bachelor of Fine Art in Photography and a Minor in Art History. I studied at Otterbein University and truly loved the Professors and friends I made there. Because I graduated at the beginning of Covid, I did not have the chance to have my Senior Showcase. However, I did get to share it with Facebook. I am genuinely grateful to everyone who helped and supported me in my degree. 

9. I was a preschool teacher

I had always been told I was good with children. So, I decided to put that to the ULTIMATE test! Ten three-year-olds shoved into a small space; what could go wrong? Despite the many messes, it was a fantastic experience, and I will forever cherish the hysterical stories that come with it. It also helped me learn how to direct a child better. I hundred percent think it helped with my family photography. Knowing the development phases and what can entertain a child can make or break a family photoshoot. 

10. I genuinely want to know you

Now that you know me, the goofy, fun-loving, go-with-the-flow photographer, we can have the most fun at your next photoshoot! And where might I be? You can meet me on the dance floor of your next party! I can't wait to meet YOU and become your friend.